Free Online Mental Health Resources

This past year of lockdowns and quarantines has underscored the importance of online mental health services for those in need of mental healthcare. These services take on several forms, ranging from free mental health apps and online support groups to online therapy. Online therapy has been a lifeline for millions of people throughout the pandemic, […]

WTSP Tampa Bay: Holidays During A Pandemic and Staying Mentally Healthy

As the holiday season is in full effect during the middle of a pandemic, many people could be experiencing feelings of stress and even, unwanted “holiday blues”. Because we are all taking precautions and following health regulations, some of us may not be able to spend this holiday season with our loved ones – making […]

Dr. W. Nate Upshaw Interview with

Dr. Nate Upshaw joined for a walk through of the new Wesley Chapel NeuroSpa TMS ® location. During his interview, Dr. Upshaw introduces TMS therapy and the TMS Plus™ program, exclusive to patients receiving treatment. Click here to watch the full interview.  

WFLA Features Dr. W. Nate Upshaw in Election Results Mental Health

NeuroSpa TMS ® own Dr. Upshaw sat down with WFLA’s Staci DaSilva to discuss the importance of distracting oneself from the anxiety of the unknown as we wait on election results. Dr. Upshaw gives his take on the matter, and how he saw a similar form anxiety in patients during the 2016 election. To read the […]

ABC WFTS Tampa Bay Feature with Dr. W. Nate Upshaw

Dr. Upshaw among other experts, was invited to speak about what you can do for your mental health if you’re suffering from election fatigue. ABC’s WFTS Heather Leigh, spoke with Dr. Upshaw about taking a break and walking away from your phone and the media that surrounds us. To keep reading about Dr. Upshaw’s tips, […]

SHAPE Feature: How to Mentally Prepare for Any Outcome of the 2020 Election

With the election coming up in the midst of a terrifying pandemic, people all over the United States have expressed feelings of stress and anxiety. This is mainly due to the uncertain future of the country, a hyper-polarized political climate and of course the COVID-19 pandemic. Many fear for the result of this upcoming election. […]

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