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What is Telehealth services?

NeuroSpa's Telehealth services can help bridge the gap for individuals seeking ongoing medication management or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) services over the phone. Through our medication management service, qualified physicians administer and monitor prescriptions to reduce negative interactions and maximize positive results. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions can also be held virtually. Whether it's time constraints or mobility challenges, NeuroSpa telemedicine in Tampa ensures that the care our patients need is always within reach.

The benefits of Telehealth services

Covered by all major insurers
FDA approved

FDA Approved & Covered by Insurance

We accept all major
insurance, including
Medicare & Tricare

Neurospa experience


After suffering from Depression and anxiety for most of my adult life, to say I was skeptical is an understatement. But after all the work I am starting to feel like "myself" again, and it has made my quality of life a dream come true. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers as I have. There is a better life out there, you just need to take the first step.

Neal, Lakeland

When nothing else worked for my PTSD, anxiety and depression, I learned about ketamine therapy and it completely changed my life!The best way to describe what it’s done for me is that the “static” in my mind is gone. I’m so much calmer on a day to day basis, I feel more motivated, and handling life if so much easier... I highly recommend it!

Lee, Brandon

I was suffering from Major Depressive Disorder. NeuroSpa made the whole process from the very beginning very easy. The doctor was understanding and did not rush me any time. I enjoyed the treatment and started feeling better fast. Now that I am finished with it, I feel so much better. I am enjoying life again!

Marcia, Brandon

Our process

NeuroSpa is committed to making personalized, effective mental health care easily accessible to those in need. From initial evaluation to post-treatment monitoring, we're making mental health care as easy as 1, 2, 3

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After scheduling your first appointment, our certified clinicians will guide you through a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. Following this insurance-covered assessment, we'll be able to determine the best course of treatment for your individual needs.
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NeuroSpa treatment plans are never one-size fits all. Whether it's medication management, Ketamine therapy, or anything in between, your treatment plan will be tailored to reflect your individual needs, ensuring you get everything you need and nothing you don't.
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Both during and after your treatment regimen, our team of doctors and clinicians will be closely monitoring your progress and periodically following up to ensure continued positive results and/or adjust treatment if necessary.

Is Telehealth services right for you?

Are you living with severe depression?
If you or someone you love is living with depression, NeuroSpa's medication management services and/or CBT can help alleviate symptoms, especially when used in concert with one another.
Have you tried telehealth services?
Both ongoing medication management and CBT are available from the comfort of your own home using our Telehealth services.

Dr. Upshaw

Is medication right for you?

While medication isn't for everyone, for some, it can make a significant difference in treating depression symptoms.

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Feeling happier starts today.

After a full insurance-covered psychiatric evaluation, our team of certified clinicians will provide you with a personalized care plan to address your mental health needs. Call us today.

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If you are taking prescription medications alongside other therapy, NeuroSpa’s medication management works to reduce side effects and risk of adverse reactions by ensuring that your medications don’t interact. Our licensed clinicians can help you learn when and how to take your specific medications, and inform you on any substances to avoid while taking your medications.

Medication management inherently reduces the onset of side effects from medication and complementary therapy. Under the supervision of certified clinicians, medication will be administered and observed to ensure the least possible detrimental side effects.

The NeuroSpa advantage

Same-week consultations
Unlike most practices, which can take months to fit you in, we’re committed to getting you on your way to recovery fast. Schedule an appointment today and see us this week.
Personalized treatment plans
No two individuals have the same needs. That’s why NeuroSpa’s treatment plans are individually customized to ensure you get everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

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