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Situated in Lakeland, NeuroSpa is not just another mental healthcare provider. We specialize in helping our patients make a full recovery from debilitating issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. We achieve this through both traditional and innovative treatments like TMS therapy, a non-pharmacological approach proven to beat depression that takes only 19 minutes of your day in a luxurious, spa-like setting. Our team of certified clinicians is dedicated to your mental health, offering a three-step treatment process: Evaluation, Treatment, and Follow-Up. This helps us meet your specific needs as a patient as we customize a mental health plan just for you so you can beat the mental health issues you are struggling with. Accepting all major insurers, we make it easy to prioritize your mental health. Schedule with us today to get started on your path to healing!
5147 South Lakeland Dr Ste 1 Lakeland, FL 33813
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How fast can you get an appointment

While most mental health facilities can take weeks, even months, to schedule in, NeuroSpa is committed to putting you on the road to recovery fast. That’s why we guarantee you’ll be seen in-office within 1 week.

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We accept all major insurance, including Medicare & Tricare


Dr. Upshaw

NeuroSpa’s Medical Director, Dr. William Nathan Upshaw, was a highly-awarded faculty member at the University of South Florida, giving him the tools, experience and expertise to develop and oversee a comprehensive regimen of psychiatric treatment. From traditional talk therapy and prescribed medication, to modern standards like TMS and the future of emerging therapies, you can trust that you’re in the most experienced and caring hands in adult psychiatry.

Dr. Obergon

With over a decade of training in neuropsychology, spectrum disorders and neuroinflammatory conditions, Dr. Obregon’s experience in inpatient and outpatient psychiatry, addiction and TMS is among the most trusted in the Tampa Bay area. By integrating psychiatry, psychology, medicine, and nutrition, he brings a holistic approach to care that focuses not only on health, but on wellness and an optimized lifestyle.

Dr. Robben

A highly accomplished member of the American Psychiatric Association, Florida Psychiatric Society and more, Dr. Robben brings a wealth of expertise to NeuroSpa through his experience in emergency psychiatric assessment and interventions, and consultation and liaison services to the medical and surgical services. Dr. Robben's background and technical training in radiologic technology and transcranial magnetic stimulation makes him one of NeuroSpa's most experienced and capable TMS specialists.

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The NeuroSpa advantage

Personalized treatment plans

No two individuals have the same need or experience mental conditions in the same way. NeuroSpa’s treatment plans are individually customized to ensure you get everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Covered by all major insurance

While many mental health facilities only accept out-of-pocket payment and make you jump through hoops negotiating with your insurance provider, we proudly accept all major insurance and take it upon ourselves to contact your insurance provider to make sure there are no unexpected surprises.

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